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Check out these incredible Miracle Morning®
Success Stories!

Joe Diosana, Houstin, TX

Hear why Joe says The Miracle Morning® makes everyday feel like Christmas!

Elena Samaniego, Sacramento, CA

Elena says: “The Miracle Morning® changed my life!”

More Success Stories:

“My days are 100 times better when I do The Miracle Morning!”
—Josh Thielbar, Boise, ID

“I have been using The Miracle Morning for 10 months.  Since then my income has more than doubled, I am in the best shape of my life, and I have never had better memories created with family and friends since I started!  I am a HUGE FAN!”
—Mike McDermott, Davis, CA

“I read The Secret, and although I loved it, The Miracle Morning is so much more practical and easier to implement.”
—Marla Medina, Oceanside, CA

“A few months ago, I decided to try The Miracle Morning. My life is changing so fast I cannot keep up. I am such a better person because of it, and it is infectious. I am drawing people in without even thinking about it. My business was struggling, but when I started this crazy Miracle Morning thing I was amazed at how, just working on myself everyday, I was able to turn it all around. Now I am so busy with business I have to schedule time away from my computer. I went from 4 proposals last year total, to 10-15 a week!”
—Rob Leroy, Sacramento, CA

“I am on day 79 of The Miracle Morning. Since I began, I have not skipped ONE day. There’s been a handful of times where I wasn’t able to do it first thing in the morning; however, by day end, I sit and have my time. This is the FIRST time I’ve set out to do something and I have continued doing it past just a couple days or weeks. It has changed my life. I LOOK FORWARD to it every day. It has been a true blessing. It gives me such a tremendous and uplifted start to my day. If at any time during the day my spirits are dwindling, I revert back to my MM and my affirmations. It completely rejuvenates my spirits. I have a new business venture, Mellie’s Chicken Shack, that will be opening next week. I credit my MM for the doors that are opening and the blessings that are falling into my lap regarding my new business. Thank you, Hal, from the bottom of my heart, for creating and sharing TMM.”
Melanie Deppen, Selinsgrove, PA

“I am a college student taking 19 units and working full time, so that left me with zero time to work on my goals. Before I learned The Miracle Morning, I used to wake up between 7-9am everyday, but now I consistently wake up at 5am. I’m learning & growing so much through daily personal development,
and I am LOVING The Miracle Morning!”
—Michael Reeves, Walnut Creek, CA

“I wish I had known about The Miracle Morning sooner. It is amazing how much clarity I have throughout the day. I am able to focus on my tasks each day with energy & enthusiasm. Thanks to The Miracle Morning, I am experiencing a richer more abundant way of living in both my personal and professional life. Thank you.”
—Ray Ciafardini, Baltimore, MD

“Implementing The Miracle Morning into your day will completely change all aspects of your life. For me it has reduced stress and increased my daily productivity. I was always told I was not a morning person, but the Miracle Morning has changed that.”
—Jennifer Geronimo, San Rafael, CA

“I use The Miracle Morning as a tool to combat stress & increase my productivity. TMM creates a laser focus every morning that enables me to tackle my day with an extremely calm efficiency. I am currently pursuing a top tier MBA while balancing my own business, family, and a serious relationship. Bottom line: TMM has increased the productivity of my days, and therefore the quality of my life.”
—Chris Fischer, Phoenix, AZ

The Miracle Morning is amazing. It has provided clarity, focus, & energy to my life. TMM can be a different “routine” for everybody, depending on your goals and schedule, but for me it has been a time to reflect, pray, focus on my goals & dreams, exercise, and de-stress. It also gives me time to be thankful for people, events, and blessings in my life. We all have the same 168 hours in a week; TMM enables you to find the miracles you never knew existed!”
—Katie Fingerhut, Saint Louis, MS

The Miracle Morning has been a great tool to develop a disciplined and fulfilling process to begin each day. I strongly recommend The Miracle Morning to everyone, and to design it to your needs. The Miracle Morning gives you jump-start of motivation & the mindset to be productive & accomplish things throughout the rest of your day.”
Robert Arauco, Torrance, CA

“After beginning The Miracle Morning during the month of December I noticed profound changes immediately. I began to achieve long desired goals quickly and easily. I found a new love, lost weight, achieved my best grades ever at UC Davis, and created multiple streams of income… all in less than two months practicing The Miracle Morning!
Natanya Green, Sacramento, CA

“I had my best two weeks in my sales career, earning nearly $10,000 in that time, and I believe my success was large in part to doing The Miracle Morning (almost) everyday! When I look back into my gratitude journal during that time, it’s clear where my success began. TMM is the best way to start a day, with great intention for amazing results and the right prescription for mind, body and soul.
Mary Hattum, Ponteix, Canada

“When I first heard about The Miracle Morning, I was a bit skeptical. How could waking up an hour earlier make me feel any better? It just didn’t make any sense to me. (Boy was I wrong!) The first time I tried it, I had an amazing day. I went through my day feeling invincible. Nothing could stop me. I had done so much already and knowing that I successfully did things that made me feel good, gave me a jump-start on the rest of the day. I have been doing The Miracle Morning for a while now and every day that I do it, I feel so much more prepared to face the challenges the day has in store for me.
Natalie Cantu, Houston, TX

“I work at Vector Marketing as a receptionist and I was really sluggish and didn’t have any energy cause I don’t sleep very well at night. I guess you can say I am a night owl and I was having trouble adjusting my sleep schedule since i just got back from college that December. Well one morning in April I was on Facebook and I was chatting with my manager and he said I should check out the Miracle Morning. I looked at it and told him I was NOT a morning person but I said I would try it out. That was about 9 months ago and you could say the rest is history! I am always looking for ways to improve or ways to get the most out of my Miracle Morning routine!”
Tiffany Moentmann, St. Louis, MO

“I understood clearly that my routines and daily habits reflect directly with my bank account and the results I create for my business and others around me. As I began to implement The Miracle Morning, I saw my focus, awareness, and self-control of my thoughts completely rise higher than ever before. If I honestly knew this stuff back when I was 18, I’d be a millionaire now at the age of 21 – WITHOUT A DOUBT! Since beginning TMM, my income has began to rise, my confidence and vibe with people is second to none. The energy I project reflects on others, from receiving a complement to a smile. Thanks Hal!
Matias Leiva, Sacramento, CA

“Back in late December of 2009, I was going through an extreme low. My relationship with my boyfriend was falling a part, my relationship with God was deteriorating, my job was going through an extreme lull, I had no leads that were working, and my weight and workout program was tough. It was January 10th, 2010 and I was really depressed about everything that was going on and had just broken up with my boyfriend. So, I decided that it was time for a change. The next morning on Sunday, I had to get up early because I was supposed to go and see what this church had to offer that I’ve been hearing about. So, I decided to get up early (at 5am) for The Miracle Morning to meditate, workout, and create a schedule for myself. I felt so awesome when I got up that morning that I knew that something had changed with me. I’ve been waking up as early as 5:30am for TMM to really just kick start a positive flow for the day. I get up, read a few verses from the Bible, meditate on the things that I have to do for the day and envision them the way I would like them to play out, do my workout and then I’m set for the day!”
Victoria Davidson, Reese, MI

“With The Miracle Morning, not only do I have more energy everyday, but it makes every morning feel like Christmas – literally. I met one of Hal Elrod’s coaching clients, Brianna Greenspan, and she mentioned The Miracle Morning and her coach. I was very intrigued. That night I went online and downloaded TMM audio at Being a tech geek and a showman, I got so excited I implemented immediately and created a YouTube video. I continued my practice and forgot about the video. It is my understanding that many others have created one as a testimonial to their transformative experience. Thanks Hal for your enthusiasm, wisdom beyond your years and your timeless example.”
Joe Diosana, Houston, TX

“Can I just say, that as a college student, I love The Miracle Morning? Right now I’m sitting in the library studying and watching all the other students around me take naps. It’s comical just to think about how much more awake I am and how much more energy I have, even though I get less sleep. Thank God for the Miracle Morning.”
Joshua McGehee

“I love the energy and commitment I gain from The Miracle Morning. The fact that it lays everything out and, if you follow the plan, it’s very complete.”
Carrie Pepper, West Sacramento, CA

“I specifically like that The Miracle Morning provides the time for me to spend time DOING all those things I TALK about doing but never get around to once the rest of my house wakes up! It’s amazing how much more focused and happy I am the rest of the day when I start with the miracle morning. The only thing that stops me now from living it daily is my self desire to stay under the covers when it cold, foggy & rainy outside!”
Pia Carlson, Discovery Bay, CA

“I like the flow of my day when I start it with The Miracle Morning. By 11am my priorities are done and I can focus on my family and myself. I find I have more time in my day to learn the things I’ve always wanted to do.”
Kathryn Arguedas, Rocklin, CA

“I love being able to relax in the morning and not feel rushed, I love being able to get out of bed earlier in the day to go to the gym since it’s usually something I dread, and I love how I have been developing a greater sense of discipline to do things even when I don’t want to! The rest of the day for the most part I feel great. Of course there are some days that I feel a little more tired however it’s very rare compared to how tired I was when I was sleeping in. The only thing that stops me is if I convince myself that the sleep I’m getting is more beneficial. Usually this is only after a late night before. It’s a rare occurrence.”
Evan Hoffman, Regina, Canada

The Miracle Morning really allows me to make time to focus on personal development. Starting out each day with purpose and intent makes all the difference.”
Vincent Cepeda, Elk Grove, CA

“I like the fact that, with The Miracle Morning, I start my day off doing something positive and productive. It generally gives me more focus and energy to accomplish other task throughout the day. Sometimes if I stay up too late the night before I don’t get to do TMM. So I make a focused effort now to get to bed at a reasonable time.”
Terrill Smith, Inglewood, CA

“The Miracle Morning has touched me in a way where I am able to wake up each day smiling that I am alive and looking forward to what I can do next. This past year was not a good time when at age 39 I was diagnosed with breast cancer Friday, March 13, 2009. I exercise and take care of myself. I don’t smoke, take drugs, drink, binge on junk food nor overeat. I’m not superstitious but I thought how ironic to finally get my diagnosis on Friday the 13th! I had shared the beginning of my story with my family & friends on a free website my surgeon recommended. With a renewed sense of energy, I started writing about my feelings again and will share that soon. The only thing that stops me from living my Miracle Morning as often as I’d like is me.”
Leilani Perillo, Modesto, CA

“With The Miracle Morning, I have more energy. I feel overall more healthy which allows me to be more productive.”
Ashly Kimball, Duluth, MN

“I love all of it. The days that I do The Miracle Morning I feel like I have accomplished a lot. My schedule changes day to day so some days I need to be to work very early and I don’t have the time to do TMM.”
Yadi, Meridian, ID

“I love The Miracle Morning. It makes me happy and gives me a positive attitude for the day.”
Mark Kemen, Kenosha, WI

“The Miracle Morning helps me be more focused & have a positive attitude and overall outlook. I have more time so I get more things done.”
Maribel Perez, Roseville, CA

“I like how after the The Miracle Morning, I get a lot of energy and I don’t feel tired anymore. I am very excited with everything I do. I am not feeling negative of the things I do not want to do.”
Ken Uy, Concord, CA

“The Miracle Morning helps put focus on what you are doing for the day. Developing a new habit is the hard part.”
– John Leblanc, Mendon, MA

“The Miracle Morning is a foundation to grow. It’s a solid foundation to each and every day. It’s great work. It’s fulfilling and uplifting. It seems like going from each aspect, or MM step, that is can be like a marathon. Just want to make sure I’m not rushing through it. What is a good balance because there might not be a right or wrong way to go about the MM as far as what you do first or last of going from one thing to another.”
– Shane Huber, San Diego, CA

“The Miracle Morning gets me focused and energized for the day and my life! I used be surround by negative people, and not any more. I look for positive and more meaningful relationships. Thank you!
– Jody Popp, North Highlands, CA

“I love hearing the possibilities that are out there, and how one person can be a guide for so many lives. I would say there are lots of things that could stop me from listening to TMM, but for the most part I fight through the obstacles to make it a habit to listen in! I listened to the one video about going to bed positive at night and you will wake up positive. And WOW did that work! I now make this a habit every night!
– Kyle, Las Cruces, NM

“The Miracle Morning brings together and makes a routine out of the stuff I had already created. Great effect, sets my day up the way I want.
– Harry Beaupre, Reno, NV

“As long I get myself out of bed on time I feel much more ready to take on the day and maximize my potential. My thoughts are clearer and I have direction on what’s most important. By following TMM consistently I think it will dramatically shape my life in a positive way.”
– Zac Beckhusen, Bellingham, WA

“I like how The Miracle Morning helps me to live an intentional life… it gives me a better since of control. It definitely sets me out on the right foot. It takes planning the night before.”
– Trey Powell, Columbia, SC

“I like the preparation that The Miracle Morning allows me to do for the rest of the day. TMM allows me to get my day going before I leave the house. I now have action steps to get the most out of my day. The only thing holding me back are my late nights out/up because I’m not much of a morning person. But I’m trying your technique which you told me about, finding something the next day to be excited about so that you wake up enthusiastic.”
– Kyle, Inman, SC

“I like the energy The Miracle Morning gives me at the beginning of the day, as well as my personal growth and direction for each day.”
– Robert Gonzalez, Roseville, CA

“I really enjoy the fact that The Miracle Morning allows you to start the day peacefully and with a fresh start. I find that whenever I do it, it does help me a little bit in my self-confidence and faith. Hal, I absolutely love the Miracle Morning and what it has done for so many people. When I signed up for this, I got excited about it and immediately put it to practice in the most effective way I could. However, I quickly found out that even though TMM should work for non-morning people like me, I still did not have the strength in my body or the willpower to even get up out of that bed. Almost every TMM attempt I’ve made has been unsuccessful, and I don’t understand why, but no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to be strong enough mentally or physically to get out of that prison I call my bed. What I’m saying is, I love TMM and don’t want you to change a thing about it, but any advice on gathering the strength to pick myself up in the morning would be infinitely appreciated.”
– Harold Angus, Lindstrum, MN

“I specifically like that The Miracle Morning gives me focus. As a District Manager with Vector Marketing, I have my ups and downs. I should practice TMM more often, but I dedicate a couple days a week to wake up early, get some planning done, watch some personal growth videos, and even try to journal/blog here and there. I actually just explored a cool website that allows me to share music, files and even have a webcast. So I’m going to even do a special Webcast/conference call with my Keystaff once a week so they can learn more Cutco stuff. I’m sure like most people, I feel very accomplished and productive when I do my miracle morning. The only that really stops me from doing it more is ME. Being that I’m trying not to struggle as a DM, I often stay up late doing extra things that might help me, which leads me to sleep in more (till 8am!!!) but I still get some things done. When I get up at 8 or 9 and I don’t have to visit a campus, I still get some planning or not taking done. I really appreciate you as a person Hal. I think you are a very motivational/inspirational/AMAZING person. I have twitter updates on both you and Jon Berghoff (my Cutco mentors from a far) Thank you for all the knowledge and love you have thrown my way.”
– David Padron, Daytona Beach, FL

“I find that The Miracle Morning gives incredible focus to the rest of my day and just makes things go more smoothly.”
– Katy Campbell, Edmonton, Canada

“The Miracle Morning starts the day off on a positive note with clarity of purpose and energizes my day.”
– Laura Eichman, Montara, CA

“I really like the feeling of empowerment I get with The Miracle Morning because I have already accomplished so much an hour after I wake up. I think there are two things that would make my miracle morning more successful. First, I understand the overall process but would like more resources on the individual steps. For example, what is the most successful process to follow when visualizing my goals. Second, it would help to have a community/forum/chat were I can hear from other people doing their miracle morning. In many cases having a strong supportive social network can be the distinction between failure and success.”
– Scott, Raleigh, NC

“I LOVE The Miracle Morning!! I wouldn’t be able to get everything don’t through the day!! I am so pumped to deal with whatever life throws at me!!”
– Tiffany Moentmann, St. Louis, MO

“The Miracle Morning is really effective and I thought that it helps vitalize my day and it put me in a better mood.”
– Troy Winkelman, Iron Ridge, WI

“I love The Miracle Morning. Particularly the affirmations really help me get focused on aligning my goals and dreams with my personal power and ability to achieve.”
– Rob Witty, Newmarket, Canada

“The Miracle Morning is amazing! I find though that sometimes I have a hard time not getting distracted by all the other business I have to take care of later in the day, so I just listen to the message and then move on to something else, without really letting it set in and taking action of my own. One thing I LOVE about it is that it helps me to start out my day in a peak state with an outstanding attitude. Thank you Hal!!! Looking forward to my next TMM.”
– James Tuttle, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“I enjoy using The Miracle Morning to take in new knowledge on a daily basis, reprogramming my subconscious mind through repeated affirmations and providing value for the people I serve in Vector. It sets my day up in a positive way. I feel accomplished and ready to take the day head on.”
– Austin Metcalf, Fairfield, CA

“With The Miracle Morning, I love the fact that I get stuff done instead of saying “I wish I could get this stuff done.” It has a major impact on the rest of my day. I feel more positive, energized, and more focused.”
– Anthony Mercer, Atlanta, GA

“The Miracle Morning has really helped me understand how I can get the most out of my day. It gets me focused I do certain things that I use to never have time to do (like making sure my goals are written down, looking ‘at’ my business. Thanks for your work Hal!”
– Courtney Trembler, Peabody, MA

“The Miracle Morning gets me so fired up for the day! I particularly like the exercise and the learning sections, I think those are the most vital, however you can’t feel amazing without visualizations and gratitude! After I do TMM I feel amazing, but sometimes it feels like I need help getting started on it. Maybe if you made a step by step audio that walks you through the miracle morning every day. I know that’s one thing that would help me. I actually created my own audio that I use as my alarm clock. It is my own voice reminding me about my visions, and reminding me what I have to be grateful for, then it tells my to get up, move around and start exercising. Also, I have lost 25 lbs on the miracle morning. Thank you Hal for your life changing influence. I Love The Miracle Morning! I had hit a low point in my life where I was feeling depressed for about 6 months of my life. The Miracle Morning really transformed my life. It helped me feel grateful for the life I had, but yet it motivated to build my life and take action. I got my life back on track and started building my business and my life. I have never been happier in my life, and I have never been healthier! I have currently lost 25 pounds on the miracle morning! I am more excited as ever, and more productive as ever. I get more done in a day than I ever thought to be possible in the past. I Love the Miracle Morning, and I would recommend it to anyone, and have recommended it to everyone I know.”
– William Hougen, Gresham, OR

“I like that I know I have done something productive everyday. The Miracle Morning ensures that I have a plan of what I’m going to do. I’m really really not a morning person and it’s hard for me to wake up to do it.”
– Jordan Pritchard, Lakewood, WA

“The Miracle Morning gives me purpose and direction on a daily basis. It also gives me time to get some of the most important things into my daily schedule – personal growth, reading, journaling, and making affirmations. I would say it has been one of the single most important factors in my success personally and professionally. The only thing that ever stops me from making the decision to practice the miracle morning is just laziness, but with any habit the more I practice it the easier it gets. I started the Miracle Morning in May of 2009. Since I started, I was able to create a business/team that I never thought would be possible. It allowed me to grow personally so that I became a better leader to my people. After about 4-5 months of practice the Miracle Morning, I got out of the habit and doing it daily and I saw a decrease in profit in my business. I started to think of the things I was doing with my life and what had changed. I wasn’t doing the Miracle Morning anymore! Well, after starting back up again my business is starting to become more vibrant than ever and am more focused on the important things in life and in my business.”
– Garrett Kratz, Mankato, MN

“The Miracle Morning jump-starts my day and I don’t feel guilty that I didn’t exercise, read my Bible, pray, etc. Only that I get up before my husband & it tends to wake him up. Although, I’m education coordinator of my BNI group. I heard about TMM at my Tuesday night Mary Kay meeting and got excited, listened to your audio when I got home and wanted to share with my BNI group the next morning at 7am breakfast meeting. I decided I would get started immediately, after all, I don’t believe in promoting what I haven’t done myself. I was so pumped at my meeting – told them I had been up since 4am and didn’t even need my vitamins! I felt great and have ever since. I love how great I feel after I do TMM!! I tell everyone about it.”
– Lynn Canby, Broken Arrow, OK

“The Miracle Morning confirms that the mind is a powerful thing; and I can use it to change my attitude, for the better, about the challenges or mundane things I might face each day. I have a more positive attitude and feel good when I say out loud what I’m grateful for. Like dieting, I get bored of following a regimen or being constantly reminded that I need to exercise.”
– Rachel Garafola, Sacramento, CA

“The Miracle Morning makes me have more energy throughout the day.”
– Chaz Black, Lawrenceville, GA

“I like the mindset and attitude I put myself into with The Miracle Morning, because I feel ready to take on the day. The “urgh, it’s too early to be standing in line to buy my overpriced coffee” attitude disappears. The only thing currently stopping me is my scheduling ability. I need to create a more consistent schedule so that I’m not changing my sleeping hours on a daily basis. Before the miracle morning I often would have days where I didn’t feel like I moved closer to my goals. The next morning would be like waking up with a hangover, and one day would turn into a week of less-than-stellar productivity. Since starting the miracle morning, I’m able to remind myself what I’m working towards and how I’m going to get there, and even if I have an unproductive day I can stop the chain reaction right then.”
– Ian Conners, Washington, DC

“When I did The Miracle Morning I was excited to be able to start the day off with something that grew me personally and something that would be able to help impact my business. I enjoyed the planning and visualization exercises as well as taking the time to read for the day. Waking up early allowed me to get a better grasp on the day ahead. Doing it helped me wake up a little better and be better prepared for whatever I had to do for the day planning wise.”
– Will Anderson, Knoxville, TN

“I feel more productive just by starting my day earlier with The Miracle Morning. I don’t feel like I’m playing catch up 20 minutes into my day. I’m more punctual and enter my day with a higher level of intention. Only thing that stops me is a lack of discipline and settling for instant rewards (sleep) over delayed rewards. I feel like I’ve been conditioning my success “muscle” by focusing on being disciplined in my morning routine. I enter the day feeling powerful and with a higher level of intention. Some mornings I’ll do an hour+, I also do an 18-minute routine for shorter mornings. Regardless, I’ve been more productive by at least two hours because of the routine. So I’ll continue to keep doing it, and I would encourage others too as well. Why haven’t you tried this for a week? Reach out to a partner if you need help getting started because Hal has the sauce with TMM! Also, thank you Hal for all you do, all you give, and who you are.”
– Andrew Smallwood, Nashville, TN

“I love that, with The Miracle Morning, I have a purpose for getting up, and that I am energized to start my day. I thought the reading would be my least favorite part, but it’s actually the highlight for me. When I do TMM, I feel as though I not only accomplish more, but my quality of work is better as well. I’m happier those days. The only thing holding me back is the difficulty I have with the actual waking up. I am very tired due to more physical reasons, which were cause by other personal issues. So some says I want to just get that extra rest. The one thing that lights a fire under me to get up is that I have to pay Ray Reed $5 (that’s 10 mailers!) if I miss or start late…haha! Sleep or no sleep, I don’t want to give Ray MY mailers for the summer. But it is getting easier as I go along, so I won’t always need that incentive.”
– Grace Sumner, Gainesville, FL

“I LOVE The Miracle Morning! Anytime I do it I get so much done that day, I feel more positive mentally and physically, and I never have any regrets at the end of the day. College and hanging out with friends late my last semester in college is stopping me from doing it as much as I’d want right now. When I graduate and go branch I feel like it’ll change my life even more.”
– Ryan Nicholas

“My first day doing The Miracle Morning was a day I already had to be up early to work a shift at a show (Cutco booth). To be completely honest, I did not get a lot out of the actions of the Miracle Morning as I was doing them, I kept thinking “I could totally be getting more sleep right now”. But I love how it made me feel the rest of the day, I felt relaxed, no stress, healthy, energetic, peaceful. I hope that makes sense, I think thus far the Miracle Morning has indeed been a Miracle, although I don’t particularly enjoy the process itself, the results have been amazing! No huge earth shattering story, but I think the fact that I was able to go through my day feeling relaxed and very little to no stress is a major triumph for me!”
– Adam Deardorff, Mount Wolf, PA